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Result is the sum of knowledge and experience.
We possess a successful combination of these elements. The result is cost efficiency, schedule performance and satisfied customers. Projects, realized by us, are the best evidence of the worry-free way from planning to implementation. Know-how, that is used in every project, allows us to ensure your ideas come true. We are ready to become your competent companion, in case you need it, and a professional construction provider, if you would like to. Flexibility on each stage of implementation is for granted. And the internal high quality standard, directly from planning, allows us to bring your sense of controlled process into life.

We offer our knowledge and experience for successful realization of your plans.

We are glad to render you our potential!



viktor boll

Viktor Boll

stanislaw harwart

Stanislaw Harwart
Swiss Business City Deutschland



Susanne Satzinger


Alexander Boll
Real Estate Expert

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Oleg Sawatzky


Aleksandr Kerbs
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Elektrotechnik
Installationsbewilligung n.Art
14 NIV Projektleiter für
Solar und Photovoltaikanlagen


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Elena Haflinger
Swiss Business City Group AG



Tanja Seel
personnel department


Alexander Seel
Contact Person

seel j

Andreas Seel
Cleaning Management


viktor krazov

Viktor Kravzov
Kravzov & Sons
CEO/ founder, Managing authority

Foto Igumnow

Andrej Igumnov
Kravzov & Sons




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